Fresh, even, radiant – makeup foundation can give flawless complexion in no time.
I will give you 5 simple tips how to avoid caked foundation. With these tricks you can also compensate for bumps and optically refine pores.

1- Don’t use a big amount of the product :
begin with a thin layer and then, if necessary, apply another layer. Thus, the opacity is increased, and the complexion looks even.

2-Apply moisturizer half an hour before applying makeup. This will hydrate, protect and even out the skin.

3-Shake liquid foundations before use to mix up any separated pigments and other ingredients. Only then will the makeup product have a uniform color and you will have a flawless complexion.

4- Apply foundation in the center of the face and where you have redness or spots. Distribute the product with a kabuki brush. The brush takes up exactly the necessary amount of makeup.

5- Fix the makeup with a bit of powder. Apply the powder with a flat foundation brush working from the center of the face to the outside Use a big fluffy brush to dust away the excess.


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Donia Ramy