When looking for fragrance, you’ll find the top, middle and base notes described as floral, woody or fruity. To help, we’ve put together a list of most common fragrance families:

1- Floral: think light and airy, sweet and feminine. Floral is perfect for day time fragrances, for example: Avon eve truth EDP for her.

2- Oriental: just like the climate of distant lands, this scent is warm, intense and spicy, perfect for evening time, for example: Avon premiere lux oud EDP.

3- Woody: go back to nature with earthy and herbs scent, for example: Avon attraction EDP.

4- Citrus: from hints of mandarin or lemon, a citrus note will add freshness to your fragrance specially in summer.

5- Fruity: sweet berries, succulent pears and juicy apples fall under the fruity scent, making it the part of fragrances for spring & summer, for example Avon secret attitude EDT for her.

6- Fougére: from the French word for “fern” this is woody, herbs and slightly sweet fragrance family that’s traditionally masculine, for example: Avon full speed EDT for him.



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