What is Renewal Power Serum and what does it do?

An every day serum that gives powerful results in just 7 days on the 7 signs of ageing:

- Reduces fine lines                       

 - Firms skin

- Smooths                                          

 - Promotes a radiant glow

- Minimises pores                            

- Strengthens skin

- Makes skin more resilient

How does it do that?

With 2 very impactful ingredients: Protinol and Naiaciminide

The Protinol stimulates the 2 types of collagen in the skin that are responsible for keeping skin youthful looking (turn to the next page to learn more about Protinol…)

Niaciminide, also known as B3, helps smooth the skin and minimise lines and imperfections whilst at the same time helps to strengthen the skins natural protective barrier.

Who is Renewal Power Serum ideal for?

Customers wanting a serum that addresses multiple signs of aging

Perfect for customers new to ANEW

All skin types/ tones

Promoting a dramatically healthier, beautiful looking skin in just 1 week!