Rejuvenating face treatment in ampoules helps restore the collagen level from 7 years ago to make your skin visibly firmer and suppler. Formula with the patented Protinol technology restores the collagen level in your skin from 7 years ago in only 7 days*.

  • The set contains 7 ampoules.
  • Result: visibly firmer, suppler skin and flattened wrinkles**.

Is it possible to rejuvenate your skin by 7 years? Yes, it is, and in only 7 days*! We introduce the innovative treatment with advanced technology that restores the collagen level in your skin from 7 years ago. As a result, your face skin becomes firmer and suppler, while the wrinkles become naturally flattened**.

The set contains of 7 ampoules:

  • after the 1st one, the skin becomes smooth and fresh,
  • after the 3rd one, your face looks younger and healthier,
  • and after the 7th one, the full effect of firming and smoothening becomes visible.

* based on the tests using 3D tissue model.

** based on the customer satisfaction survey on 119 people.

Size: 7x1.3ml.

How to use:

Open the ampoule and rub the content onto cleaned, dry skin on the face and neck. Afterward, apply the cream. Administer once a day in the evening.

To achieve the best results use once a month for 7 days.