As the weather changes and dries up during the winter, it mainly appears on the facial skin, hands palms. Legs, which are the most vulnerable parts of the body to weather

– During the dry weather period and low humidity, it is very important to prepare properly in order to prevent drying of the skin, by applying moisturizing products in advance. Since these parts of the body are most vulnerable to weather damage. But this does not mean that there is not much importance to protect the rest of the body and to give his skin enough daily moisture. Environmental conditions during the winter season affect the sebaceous layer that protects the skin and causes the skin’s inner layers to lose water. The skin becomes red in color, as it shrinks and shrinks, and the person begins to feel stings and burning, with a state of discomfort, even itching and cracks. In some severe and anomalous situations, this condition is accompanied by severe itching, which can lead to secondary infection. For people who suffer from skin problems during the rest of the year, skin dryness becomes more severe during the winter period

It is important to moisturize the skin all the time. The most sensitive members are the palms of the hands, so it is advisable to apply them with hand cream (moisturizing) after each time we wash them. It is possible to keep a hand cream packaging nearby and to apply the hand several times a day.

-You can use the iPhone collection to take care of the skin, face and hands, and take care of it and moisturize it

Sahar Ashour