We all seek smooth and unique skin and Avon always finds the solution for all your problems and is presenting the Encanto sets; “Encanto Irresistible”, “Encanto Fascinating” and “Encanto Alluring”.

The three sets are out of this world but I have chosen to review the “Alluring” set as I am fond of sandalwood and white orchid which are the component of this set.

This set contains a 50ml Eau de Toilette, a 100ml spray, 250ml body lotion for a 48H moisture for both normal and dry skin types, a 30ml hand cream also for 48H moisture and last but not least a 100ml bath and body oil for 48H moisture as well.


How to use the ENCANTO set

First use the bath oil during your bath by applying the oil to your body and massage then rinse. You can also add some drops to your bath tub or to your body on damp skin then dry it with a towel gently. Then use the body lotion after your shower to keep your skin moisturized also use as your daily moisturizing routine. As for the hand cream, of course use it whenever you need to moisturize your hands. All this will enhance the scent of the Eau de Toilette for a unique special finish.


Don’t forget stay home those days, till we meet again



Sahar Abolseoud