At the moment, there is a huge selection of various lipsticks in various shades on sale. Among them stand out a series of bright shades that are very much loved by many women, but there is a more tender selection for lovely girls with a meek disposition and character. So what will be the best choice? And which lipstick finish will be optimal? You can find the answer to all these questions below.
Lipsticks exist in completely different shades. To choose the right lipstick tone, you need to build on your color type.

Cold shades of lipstick, such as red, pink, wine, carrot, brick and others, are suitable for winter.

Spring prefers gold, peach, beige, coral, cream, ivory, warm scarlet and other warm shades of lipstick.

For women such as summer, scarlet, plum, pink lipsticks and fuchsia lipsticks are well suited.

the ideal lipstick colors that can be emphasized by “autumn” women are terracotta, peach, beige, copper, shiny lipsticks and others.



Donia Ramy