Hey ladies,

If you complain of dry hands during winter, you need to keep your hands moisturized and avoid any reason may cause dry & cracked skin.
Try these tips and you’ll no longer fear winter dry skin.
1- Wear robber or latex gloves while washing dishes & housework, the chemicals of cleaning product damage your skin.
2- Wash your hands with moisturizing soap like Avon care nurturing soap with glycerin & vitamin E.
3- Moisturizer before bed will help to keep your hands soft. Avon care restoring hand cream with coconut oil is a perfect choice.
4- Use hand scrub once or twice weekly. You can make it at home by mixing ground coffee with olive oil and use it easily.
5- Avoid hot water on your hands & wash your hands with tap lukewarm water to avoid dryness.
6- Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated & healthy.
Heba Ali