While there are many types of masks, sheet masks are becoming popular because of their easy application and multi benefits of them

Here are tips we should know before using them:

1- After applying the mask, smooth out it to get rid of air bubbles between the mask and your face.

2- Use the excess essence to apply on the rest of your body, apply it on your neck, upper chest and hands.

3- Leave it on for as long as suggested time on the sachet.

4- After removing the mask, tap the excess of the essence on your face.

5- Don’t wash your face after removing the mask.

6- Don’t put sheet mask on unclean face, prep your skin before using it by washing it with your cleanser, applying toner and then using the mask.

Avon planet spa sheet masks are a perfect example with affordable price that gives you nourished & radiant skin.

They are available with olive oil for hydration, argon oil for revitalization or oud & golden amber for radiance.

Use them once or twice a week or simply use them as often as your skin needs.

They are a magical solution in case of special occasions as your prom to get radiant & smooth skin instantly before applying makeup.


Heba Ali

Instagram: @dark.vanilla3363